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A veces hay que detenerse y apreciar la magnificencia. Con demasiada frecuencia, estamos conduciendo y no nos tomamos el tiempo para aparcar el coche y mirar realmente.  Este año voy a disfrutar  cuando observe vistas como esta. No importa qué, todo lo demás puede esperar … yo lo haré por mí.






“Chimney Rock State Park is an international destination in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC, attracting visitors from around the world. Highlights include:- 75-mile panoramic views overlooking Lake Lure- 404-foot waterfall, one of the highest of its kind east of the Mississippi River- The Last of the Mohican scenes were filmed here, and Dirty Dancing was filmed in adjacent Lake Lure- ancient geologic formations- 198-foot tunnel & elevator inside the mountain- five scenic hiking trails- guided rock climbing & more The Park’s modernized elevator offers a handicap-accessible 35-sec. ride to the iconic Chimney, an alternative to “nature’s Ultimate Stairmaster,” the Outcroppings trail. Chimney Rock has something for everyone from the family-friendly Great Woodland Adventure trail to the stunning Skyline trail to Exclamation Point. Recognized as one of the Southeast’s most iconic outdoor attractions”

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Colombian Coffee Axis region full of beautiful ecology, history and enterprising people, rooted to their land and constumbres.
Let us support taking Colombian coffee.
Eje Cafetero Colombianos hermosa region llena de ecologia, historia y gente emprendedora, arraigada a su tierra y sus constumbres.

Day 168 Fears paralyze liberate, receives love, prosperity, enriquese your spirit, fulfill your dreams. You deserve it.

Day 165 All our actions have consequences, if our actions are good return in profits, if acts are bad nuestos results are lost either family, economic or life. How are your actions?

Todos nuestros actos tienen consecuencias, si nuestros actos son buenos retornaran en ganancias, si nuestos actos son malos los resultados son perdidas ya sean familiares, economicas o nuestra vida. Como son tus actos?

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