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The Burrow owl is a small owl. It has a round, light brown facial disc. Its head, back and upper wings are light brown and the breast is white  have darker barring. They have a distinct white stripe outlining their chins. Females are often dark in color than the males. IMG_0465[1]



Los niños recuerdan más el tiempo que dedique a ellos, que las cosas que compras para ellos.


Definately the best Rum Runners I’ve ever had & you can even get them to go. They’re almost always packed, no matter when you go & also have a drive thru package store for take aways. Karaoke Sundays with Will are the best, & there’s great wings next door at Hurricane’s. Definately 2 thumbs up!


If you Drive no text. If you text no Drive.

Si usted Maneja no Textos. Si Usted usa texteo no maneje.

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