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Definately the best Rum Runners I’ve ever had & you can even get them to go. They’re almost always packed, no matter when you go & also have a drive thru package store for take aways. Karaoke Sundays with Will are the best, & there’s great wings next door at Hurricane’s. Definately 2 thumbs up!



If you Drive no text. If you text no Drive.

Si usted Maneja no Textos. Si Usted usa texteo no maneje.

“I feel like my Dad hates

me sometimes I feel like

why would He say all these

horibale things about my family

If He loved me He know’s it hurts me.

There once was a girl

who did not know

what to do the fighter inside her is

gone her heart is

dieying inside to what

should She do

She’s crying

every day hoping for

everything to go

away She’s just

fall of pain that’s


I was on my way to visit my sister when my mom saw this motorcycle right next to us. I immediatly took advantage of the oppertunity and took this picture.  I had to take more than 10 of them to finally get it right because it kept looking blurred, but I am happy with my final product. I hope you like it as much as I do.
The camera I use: Nikon D5100

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