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Sobrero voltiado traditional hat from Colombia. Made of Gynerium sagittatum known locally as caña flecha. Vueltiao is a Colombian regionalism from the Caribbean Region. The value of the hat is determined by the number of laps used and its  flexibility. The more flexible the hat is, the higher quality and price it is.


Chiva Bus ladder or Colombian, is of different colors, decorated and painted by each owner and place a name. It is a means of transport for tourists which has become very popular in different places in the world where Colombians live.

Chiva o Bus Escalera Colombiano, es de diferentes colores, es decorado y pintado por cada dueno y le colocan un nombre.
Es un medio de transporte para los turistas el cual se ha hecho muy popular en los diferentes sitios en el mundo donde viven colombianos.

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