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“Chimney Rock State Park is an international destination in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC, attracting visitors from around the world. Highlights include:- 75-mile panoramic views overlooking Lake Lure- 404-foot waterfall, one of the highest of its kind east of the Mississippi River- The Last of the Mohican scenes were filmed here, and Dirty Dancing was filmed in adjacent Lake Lure- ancient geologic formations- 198-foot tunnel & elevator inside the mountain- five scenic hiking trails- guided rock climbing & more The Park’s modernized elevator offers a handicap-accessible 35-sec. ride to the iconic Chimney, an alternative to “nature’s Ultimate Stairmaster,” the Outcroppings trail. Chimney Rock has something for everyone from the family-friendly Great Woodland Adventure trail to the stunning Skyline trail to Exclamation Point. Recognized as one of the Southeast’s most iconic outdoor attractions”



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