Day 208 My burning Desire

Posted on: April 21, 2013


My burning Desire

My body feels heavy and numb
Feeling deep inside
Tension waiting to be released
Miserable and confused at times
The cause being LOVE
Every soul in a body wants to feel free
precious love is what I give.
Someone that you trust and care for,
is someone who you love,
I love someone, for real!
attraction between two vital forces,
tied together within their hearts,
Tears I have released are nothing but sensations,
being brought out telling me how I feel.
Indifference is what I fight for
Bitterness I despise
But, most of all it’s jealousy that I disdain.
When the least you want are things to go wrong
They happen,
sometimes for good.

Before is blossomed
I knew it would be.
Something so special that only we’d see.
The warmth of your glance that seems to know
everything about me.
That silent kiss
Made me remember……
Feeling too real to left go
Growing apart is the kind of thing
that breaks one’s heart.
How can I forget the moments We have shared?
As time passed by I learned to understand,
Every move that you make
Every step that you take
How can I forget you and pretend I never cared?
Knowing how rare my love is for you,
I’m pleased to say,
that I’m in love with you.

You’re the only one for me.
M.I Sanclemente (1996)


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