Day 112 Gilbert’s Bar Phehistoric Site Hutchinson Island, Florida

Posted on: August 15, 2012


“European arriving at Hutchinson Island Int 16th century found the Island populated by hundred of  Native Americans

living setlements bordering both the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River.

The rich marine environment provided these native Americans a  diet of fish, shellfish, and sea animals, including Whales and

sea turtles. The land provided them with deer, birds, bear, snakes, and edible and medicinal plants.

Because of the lack of hard stone, tools an wheapons were fashined  from bone, shell, and wood. Vessels were made from gourds,

wood, and clay. Wooden dugout canoes efficiently ferried groups and families from the Atlantic Ocean to the St Lucie and  Indian Rivers.

Archaeologist have documented numerous prehistorics sites on Hutchinson Island. Many sites has been damaged by hurracanes

and looters. Gilbert’s Bar house of Refuge was built on the top of a prehistoric settlement dating to as early  as circa 800 BC.

By the late 18 th century, diseace, warfare, and slave raids have decimated the native American populations. There are no known

descendents of the first people of Hutchinson island.”



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