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It blooms in the night and lasts one day they say the queen of the night. Throughout the year the cactus seems to be “dead”, its long, thin gray branches with thorns seem to be dry trunks, lifeless, but during the spring it produces buds that turn one night a year into beautiful flowers of a radiant white .

The rarity of this plant and its unique flowers attracts every year the attention of nature lovers, who patiently await “the call of the queen”, as it is known the night when the cactus bloom almost simultaneously.

According to experts, it is the survival instinct of the plant that produces this massive flowering.

“All the cacti bloom at the same time because they only live one night and depend on a nocturnal butterfly to be pollinated, which allows the cactus to generate the necessary seed to continue reproducing,” he explains.
I was lucky to have her in my house.

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