La belleza esta escondida en la percepcion de cada artista.

La principal empresa que estas administrando es tu vida, estas gerenciandola o va a la deriva.DSC_0360 .

Que Ironia. Es mas facil comunicarme contigo en la distancia, que con las personas que pasan a mi alredor, me miran sin verme

como si fuera invisible.


Only being alone and in silence, we can communicate with ourselves.DSC_0084

My grandchildren singing and playing piano.  Enjoy this most beautiful age and keep in our memory is a gift that is priceless. Take time to see what it big small.


The man has stolen the space to the animal kingdom, they live below the platforms,  We live and we often give out what is happening in our environment. This owl has his family and housing next to the street. What are we gonna do?

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